3D Deck Design

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At Advanced Exteriors, we understand that designing the deck of your dreams can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are lots of decisions to make beyond just selecting your preferred decking material and railing system, and if you’re like many people, envisioning how your deck will integrate into your property is a difficult task. That’s why the deck design team at Advanced Exteriors utilizes advanced 3D technology to help our clients visualize their new outdoor space.

This digital software shows our customers what their completed deck will look like in 3D. Additionally, this technology allows your Advanced Exteriors design professional to make real time changes to your deck so you that once you settle on a design you can rest assured it’s the perfect deck for you. Furthermore, digital 3D images eliminate the need for time consuming – often confusing – explanations of technical two dimensional drawings, making the process more pleasant and efficient for everyone involved.

“Quality is the most important thing for me and that’s what I got from Advance Roofing and Exteriors. On top of that, the employees were very nice and they cleaned up all the debris left over. I would happily recommend you to my family and friends in the neighborhood.” —Heather Smith

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Beyond just illuminating the specific size, shape and design features of your new deck, our designers can also create these 3D images to include specific existing or planned design elements, including outdoor furniture, grills and smokers, fire pits and outdoor kitchens. This helps our customers evaluate the totality of their plan to expand or enhance their outdoor living space.

Whether you are planning a simple deck off your backdoor to take in some fresh air or you are looking to build a complex, multi-tiered outdoor oasis for entertaining, the experienced professionals at Advanced Exteriors can help you design and build your new deck. And before any construction begins on your property we will walk you through your new deck design in 3D, review any requested changes you might have and ensure you’re fully satisfied. We firmly believe that seeing is believing, and this technology allows just that!

When selecting a deck contractor there are many things to consider, not the least of which is the level of customer service you will experience. At Advanced Exteriors, you have decades of experience on your side, so you can rest assured that the work will be properly done from the start. We don’t cut corners, and we fully appreciate and understand that a new deck can be a big investment. With our 3D design software, we feel confident that you’ll be able to visualize your new deck and go into the construction phase with complete confidence. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Advanced Exteriors has been a leader in residential roofing for more than 35 years. Large enough to offer all-inclusive design-build deck services, Advanced Exteriors is also a friendly local business that is eager and ready to serve you.

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