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We design and build custom decks from a variety of materials – including cedar, capped composite and tropical hardwoods – in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to build a multi-level dynamic deck with entertaining in mind or you are looking to add a simple structure to better allow you to take in the great outdoors, the team of experts at Advanced Exteriors is excited to be part of the creative process and we look forward to partnering with you to design your perfect deck.

One important decision when planning a deck is the selection of which building material or decking product you want to use. From cedar to capped composites, each product has its own unique characteristics; however, if you’re looking for a natural wood deck with rustic appeal, cedar may be the perfect choice for you.

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Heartwood cedar (the deeper colored red part) is rot resistant and compared to some woods, cedar doesn’t readily absorb moisture. Additionally, red cedar is renowned for its natural resistance to outdoor wear from rain and UV rays as well as insects. Cedar is also resistant to twisting and splitting, meaning that cedar planks tend to lie flat and straight and well suited for deck construction. And unlike pressure treated wood, cedar does not contain chemicals which can corrode your deck fasteners. Together, these factors have made cedar a longstanding popular choice among deck builders and homeowners, alike.

Cedar can either be sealed or it can be left in its natural state. Left without any protective coating, cedar weathers to a nice silver-grey and can be expected to last for 15 years or more. If you chose to seal your cedar deck, you can preserve its beautiful rich reddish color for upwards of a decade; however, this requires a commitment to annual deck maintenance, as the wood will need to be cleaned and resealed on a regular basis. And quite honestly, most cedar connoisseurs will tell you that they prefer the rustic elegance of the weathered wood.

Advanced Exteriors is committed to providing our customers with long-lasting, superior quality decks and unrivaled customer service. Our sales and estimate processes are straightforward and easy to understand, and when you chose to work with Advanced Exteriors, you can rest assured that we will work with you to give your home the distinctive outdoor appeal that you are looking for. We don’t consider our job to be done until you’re completely satisfied.

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