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Let the team at Advanced Exteriors help you find a door that fits your doorway, your taste, the style of your home and your budget!

Advanced Exteriors is committed to helping homeowners find the perfect replacement entry door for their home. Your front door is almost certainly where most (if not all) guests will enter your house, which means it needs to make a great first impression; however, looks are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your replacement door. Entry doors also provide essential protection of your home from the elements – including wind, rain and UV rays – as well as potential intruders.

At Advanced Exteriors we have seen and worked with virtually every type of entry door on the market through our work as an insurance repair contractor, and we have found that not all new doors are created equally. Which is why we are eager to share our expertise with you, and help you find the perfect replacement entry door for your home. Whether you are considering a fiberglass, metal or wood door, let the team at Advanced Exteriors help you find a door that not only fits your doorway, but also fits your personal taste, the architectural style of your home and your budget.

Wood Doors – One of the primary benefits of wood doors is that they can be painted or stained to match your existing décor (or to create a bold new statement). This flexibility is appealing to many homeowners. Additionally, new wood doors have been designed to be exceptionally durable and rot resistant.

steel door
Steel Doors – Metal doors, generally made from steel, are known to significantly enhance energy efficiency. Additionally, steel doors will not warp or crack due to long-term exposure to the elements, and they virtually maintenance free. While manufacturers have made aesthetic improvements to metal doors, many homeowners find them to have an inferior look as compared to wood or fiberglass doors.

Fiberglass Doors – Fiberglass doors bring together some of the best attributes of both wood and metal doors, as they are exceptionally durable and provide superior insulation in addition to looking great. Fiberglass doors are a particularly smart choice for our harsh and humid climate.

“Quality is the most important thing for me and that’s what I got from Advance Roofing and Exteriors. On top of that, the employees were very nice and they cleaned up all the debris left over. I would happily recommend you to my family and friends in the neighborhood.” —Heather Smith

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When it comes to selecting a replacement entry door for your home, it is equally important to consider both the practical and aesthetic attributes of each type of door, and while each manufacturer has its pros and cons and each material has its advantages and disadvantages, we have found that doors from Therma-Tru, ProVia and Waudena Millwork provide advanced protection, superior aesthetics and enduring value.

Let the team at Advanced Exteriors provide you with a free, no obligation to buy, in-home consultation and we are confident we can find the perfect entry door for you and your home.

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