Green Building

Green building is a hot topic these days.


Green building is a hot topic these days. For different people and organizations the motivations for “going green” can vary greatly. Usually, green or sustainable building solutions are considered for their environmental, economic and/or social benefits. And while some green building solutions are really only feasible to incorporate into new construction, there are a few simple ways to enhance or retrofit existing structures to make them more sustainable. At Advanced Exteriors, we understand that finding a “green contractor” might not be your top priority as you begin to consider exterior renovations, but we also know that many homeowners are intrigued by green building materials, as they almost always provide enhanced energy efficiency and thereby help to reduce overall heating and cooling costs and provide net savings over the life of your home.

One important consideration as you look to make your home more sustainable is the lifecycle assessment related to the building products you and your contractor choose. At Advanced Exteriors, we have done our research, and you might be surprised at some of what we’ve found. For example, while “recycled vinyl” sounds good for windows and siding, the reality is that windows and siding made from virgin vinyl often have a lower net environmental impact. How is this possible, you might wonder? First and foremost, while vinyl is technically recyclable, we have found that many contractors just toss old vinyl siding and windows into the dumpster rather than setting it aside for recycling.

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Additionally, virgin vinyl products significantly outlast recycled vinyl products, meaning they require less frequent replacement and ultimately less vinyl ends up in landfills. At Advanced Exteriors we are committed to providing our customers with green contracting and installation options, and we promise to recycle all vinyl products to minimize landfill waste at no additional cost to you. As you plan your siding or window replacement project, we encourage you to ask each of your contractors what they plan to do with the old vinyl – it’s a small step that can make a big impact!

Another relatively easy way to make your home a more green building is to enhance its energy efficiency. Regardless of whether you plan to install a new roof, siding, windows or doors, the experts at Advanced Exteriors will help you assess the pros and cons of a variety of building products and show you why upfront cost may not be the only metric to consider. While some of our more green building products have a higher price tag initially, they almost always pay for themselves through significant savings in heating and cooling bills. Let the Advanced Exteriors team show you how you can upgrade your home and start saving today. It’s probably easier (and more affordable) than you think!

At Advanced Exteriors, our highly knowledgeable team of professionals are familiar with green building practices and we pride ourselves on being experienced green contractors. We are eager to earn your business, and we will work hard to find you the best solutions for your home, your budget and your lifestyle.

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