Gutters & Gutter Covers

Gutters play an integral role in protecting your home.

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At Advanced Exteriors, we know that while gutters may not look like much, they play an integral role in protecting your home. Yet when your gutters are damaged or deteriorating and can no longer effectively divert rainwater or melting snow and ice away from your home, costly problems can being to arise, including water damage and rot. Advanced Exteriors offers several options for gutters, including aluminum, steel and copper replacement gutters in both half round and “k” styles.
While the exact lifespan of home gutters can vary greatly depending on weather conditions, upkeep and maintenance as well as a myriad of other factors, the National Association of Home Builders estimates the average life of galvanized steel or aluminum gutters is 20 years and more than 50 years for copper gutters.

“It’s important to me to know that I’m getting the best price and the least hassle when I hire a contractor and that’s what I got with Advanced. The price was fair, the staff was polite and their workers were professional and hard working. A definite recommend from me.” — Henry Miller

Still not sure if you need to replace your gutters?  Here are some key signs it’s time!

  • You have water in your basement. Clogged or dysfunctional gutters are a primary cause of leaks in your basement.
  • You have mold in your basement. Leaky or damaged gutters can result in excess moisture in your basement and lead to mold.
  • You have standing water in your gutters. This means your gutters aren’t working. Plain and simple.
  • Puddles are forming around your home’s foundation. Long term this can lead to foundation damage and should be addressed immediately.
  • The paint on your home is peeling or the wood is rotting in the areas directly behind the gutter. This means your gutters are leaking due to wear-and-tear, misalignment or clogs.
  • You see rust stains running down the side of your home. This indicates eroding gutters and can cause significant damage to your windows, siding and the painted exterior of your home.

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All gutters from Advanced Exteriors are custom measured and fabricated on site and are installed in one day. Additionally, our gutters come in several different colors to match the existing look of your home, and our gutters are always installed in a completely seamless fashion. And to enhance your gutters’ performance, Advanced Exteriors also offers three different types of gutter covers as well as specialty gutter cover systems that may be beneficial around trees and vegetation.

The bottom line is that properly functioning gutters can provide invaluable moisture protection for your home. With headquarters in St. Charles, MO, Advanced Exteriors serves hundreds of municipalities across nine counties in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Whether you’re a resident of Missouri (St. Louis County, St. Louis City, St. Charles County, Warren County, Franklin County, Lincoln County and Jefferson County) or Illinois (Madison County and St. Clair County), we would like the opportunity to bid on your next exterior renovations project.

Contact us today to learn more about how Advanced Exteriors can help you replace your gutters and/or gutter covers or call us now to schedule a free estimate, 636-300-4500.