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At Advanced Exteriors we know roofing, and we have been serving the St. Louis and the surrounding communities for more than 35 years. Whether you’re looking for a low pitch commercial roof, a flat industrial roof or steep residential roof, we are here to help you navigate your way through the various products on the market and help you find the perfect roof for your home or business.
Flat roofs have existed for decades in commercial (and some residential) properties. As has always been the case, one of the primary concerns with a flat roof is water deflection.

Until somewhat recently, asphalt was the primary roofing material for flat roofs. And while asphalt or built-up roofing is still used for some limited applications, membrane roofing products are rapidly gaining popularity with our customers. While each of the three basic types of membrane roofing materials are different in many ways, the concept behind how they work is essentially the same, allowing you to effectively “shrink wrap” your roof with a water resistant barrier. As a result, flat roofs and low pitch roofs no longer equate to leaky roofs!

“Quality is the most important thing for me and that’s what I got from Advance Roofing and Exteriors. On top of that, the employees were very nice and they cleaned up all the debris left over. I would happily recommend you to my family and friends in the neighborhood.” —Heather Smith

There are three basic types of membrane roofs: thermoset membranes, thermoplastic membranes and modified bitumen membranes. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but all are designed to keep water out and reflect UV rays.

Thermoset Membranes
Thermoset membranes are comprised of rubber polymers, the most common of which is EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer). Due to chemical crosslinking, once this roof is installed and the seams are cured, the result is a single surface that is virtually impenetrable. Additionally, thermoset membranes are highly resistant to ultraviolet light (UV) and ozone and do not deteriorate when exposed to chemicals commonly found on roofs.

Thermoplastic Membranes
Thermoplastic materials are distinguished from thermoset materials in that there is no chemical crosslinking. Because of the materials’ chemical nature, seams in TPO roofs are welded together using hot air. The seams, when welded properly, however, are very strong. TPO membranes are flame retardant and highly resistant to ultraviolet light (UV). Furthermore, TPO membranes come in a wide variety of colors to promote enhanced energy efficiency (eg. white membranes) or to add a unique design element (eg. an American flag) to your roof. Let the team at Advanced Exteriors show you how a thermoplastic membrane can transform your roof from ordinary to extraordinary.

Modified Bitumen Membranes
Modified bitumen membranes are a hybrid product. Combining the highly engineered formulation and prefabrication advantages of other single-ply membranes with the more traditional installation techniques used in asphalt roofing. While modified bitumen membranes are clearly more sophisticated than built-up or asphalt roofs, they are not as advanced (or as costly) as their thermoset and thermoplastic counterparts.

Membrane roofing systems have revolutionized commercial and industrial roofing for contractors and building owners alike. Superior water deflection, advanced reflective properties and enhanced energy efficiency combined with simplified installation and maintenance make it clear why membrane roofing is quickly becoming the industry standard for commercial and industrial buildings.

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Determining which flat roofing solution is right for you depends on a variety of factors, including budget, building specs and aesthetic appeal; the team at Advanced Exteriors is here to help you navigate the decision process. But more often than not, you probably don’t even need to replace the entire roof. At Advanced Exteriors, we specialize in reconditioning and repairing existing flat roofs on commercial and residential properties. With our newest systems, repairing and/or reconditioning an existing flat roof is almost always the most cost effective short term and long term solution – meaning less cost now and less cost later.

We are so confident in our abilities to make your old roof “like new” again that we offer a 10 year leak free warranty for all repair and reconditioning jobs, all for a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

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