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Get the upscale look associated with wood shake roofing, without the high maintenance and costly repairs!

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Wood shakes offer a natural look with a lot of character. Because of variations like color, width, thickness and cut of the wood, no two authentic shake roofs are exactly the same. These roofs are beautiful and can enhance the charm of almost any home. While they certainly add unique aesthetic appeal and a sense of rustic elegance, wood shakes also have a tendency to be high maintenance and costly to repair. For those who desire the appearance of hand-split shake shingles or machine-sawn cedar shingles without the long-term cost, composite shake or cedar shingles can provide the perfect balance of form and function.

Repair of a natural shake roof generally requires the use of natural shakes; however, many of our customers interested in the upscale wood shake look for their replacement roof or new construction home opt for a shake composite roof. Composite shakes are reminiscent of the texture of natural wood, but crafted from highly engineered polymers, they are sure to deliver durability and beauty for years to come, at a fraction of the lifelong cost associated with natural wood.

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Additionally, synthetic shake roofing offers some significant advantages over authentic shakes.

  • Composite shake or cedar shingles are manufactured with ultraviolet inhibitors, providing an extra layer of protection from sun damage.
  • Composite shake or cedar shingles are durable, and you won’t find yourself needing to replace individual shakes on a regular basis, as is often the case with natural shakes.
  • Composite shake shingles provide significant fire resistance and are much easier to maintain (no worries surrounding mold, rot or insects).

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Advanced Exteriors highly recommends composite shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes. Their superior polymer roofing products, featuring authentic appearance and enhanced durability, coupled with their unparalleled customer service and an impressive 50-year limited warranty, make DaVinci a favorite among consumers and industry professionals alike.

If you’re looking for the natural, yet upscale look associated with wood shake roofing, consider the benefits of composite shake shingles. If you’re still not sure whether natural or synthetic shakes are right for your roof, let a roofing professional from Advanced Exteriors help you weigh the pros and cons of both options. We have installed numerous natural wood shake and composite shake roofs over the years, and we can answer all your questions about each product and can make recommendations based on your desired look, ongoing maintenance concerns and budget.

Advanced Exteriors is committed to providing our customers with long-lasting, superior quality roofs and unrivaled customer service. Our sales and estimate processes are straightforward and easy to understand, and when you chose to work with Advanced Exteriors, you can rest assured that we will work with you to give your home the distinctive curb appeal that you are looking for. We don’t consider our job to be done until you’re completely satisfied.

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