Insulated Vinyl

Insulated Siding is affordable and efficient.

insulated vinyl sidinginsulated vinyl siding

Advanced Exteriors understands that budgetary concerns play an integral role in the decision process when you’re choosing the best siding material to use on your home, which is why we are proud to offer and recommend exceptional vinyl siding products from Royal.

Compared to traditional vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding provides significant energy efficiency benefits, offers superior protection from the elements and the acoustic properties deliver substantial exterior noise reduction. Additionally, insulated siding comes in a variety of colors and requires minimal maintenance, giving it the ideal combination of form and function.

“I’ve been left in the dark with contractors on several occasions and it is so frustrating. With Advanced I know that won’t be happening. They always call back upon signing, before they arrive and after they’ve finished. Fantastic communication and quality.” — Hector Lawdenski

If you’re considering insulated vinyl siding for your home, consider these added benefits:

  • Return on Investment. The installation of vinyl siding can yield significant returns on investment. Not only does this siding provide enhanced energy efficiency, which translates into lower energy bills, but insulated vinyl siding also recoups a high percentage of its installation costs at resale (and in some cases returns even exceed costs).
  • Weather Durability. Insulated siding provides superior protection against extreme seasonal weather changes, has the ability to withstand strong winds and performs well in hot and cold weather climates. Furthermore the insulation does just that – it helps maintain an even temperature within your home, even when there are drastic changes outside.
  • Maintenance. Insulated siding requires little to no maintenance, as it does not rot or become damaged from water, mold, insects or sun exposure.

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Still not convinced? Believe it or not, vinyl siding is verifiably green. A Life Cycle Assessment, commissioned by Sustainable Solutions Corporation, demonstrated that vinyl siding options have significantly lower environmental impacts than previously thought, with the results of this study published in Green Builder magazine. Over the lifespan of the product – including manufacturing, transportation, installation, service life and waste management – it was determined that insulated vinyl has one of the lowest life cycle assessments in the industry, significantly outperforming both brick and fiber cement siding.

While vinyl siding has fallen out of favor in many circles, the team at Advanced Exteriors understands its benefits – not the least of which is its affordability. Believe us, you can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, value and curb appeal for less than you probably think.

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