Royal Haven

We highly recommend Royal’s Haven line of insulated siding products.


Insulated siding not only imparts significant cosmetic benefits to your home, but it also enhances energy efficiency and protects your home from weather and pests. At Advanced Exteriors, we have looked high and low for the best siding products and we highly recommend Royal’s Haven line of insulated siding products. In addition to energy benefits, Royal Haven siding is designed to look more like wooden siding, without all the maintenance and cost associated with natural wood.

“I shopped around with about 4 other contractors until I saw your work on another house. I saw you complete it and it looked great, so I made a call. Your team has a great work ethic and everything turned out great!” — Erica Peters

If you’re contemplating new insulated vinyl siding consider the following:

  • Royal exclusively uses virgin vinyl – which they manufacture using their own salt mines for all of their siding products – because virgin vinyl holds its pigment far better than recycled vinyl. Additionally virgin vinyl has been shown to be more “green” than recycled vinyl due to product longevity.
  • Royal Haven insulated vinyl siding requires minimal maintenance, is highly durable and offers an industry-leading transferrable warranty that is guaranteed to protect you and future owners of your home.
  • The graphite-enhanced EPS insulation, made with Neopor from BASF SE, adds up to a 19% better R-value (how well insulation keeps heat out of your home) to the Royal Haven product line, meaning you’ll realize significant energy savings from reduced thermal conductivity. This is the highest level of insulation available in vinyl siding.
  • Haven insulated vinyl siding by Royal is 240% more impact resistant as compared to fiber cement counterparts.
  • The insulation properties of Haven don’t only offer superior energy efficiency, but they also provide enhanced acoustic benefits, making your home a more peaceful place to relax and escape the exterior noises.
  • Royal’s “locked-tight” TXL Lamination technology, a hallmark feature of the Haven product line, distinguishes itself by how uniformly it holds siding and insulation together for a seamless, flat fit.

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According to Simon Bates, Vice President & General Manager – Exteriors for Royal Building Products, “Designers will be proud to specify Haven with its architectural authenticity and look of real cedar siding, while contractors will appreciate that Haven is a premium product that is easy to install and will perform well for the life of the structure.” And after working with and putting Royal Haven siding through the paces, the experienced team of siding professionals at Advanced Exteriors couldn’t agree more! We are your go to Royal siding installation contractor in the greater St. Louis area.

If you’re looking to literally surround your home with safety and warmth, consider Haven insulated siding by Royal. This high-end premium collection protects your home from cold and noise and is available in 14 vibrant colors, making Royal Haven a great choice for your home.

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