Our Warranty

We have a 10-year workmanship warranty.

At Advanced Exteriors we feel strongly that out customer service and installation know how is what sets us apart from the competition. It’s not just because we have professional and friendly staff that answer the phones when you call to set up a consultation, schedule an installation or ask questions about our services, nor is it because we create customized proposals and take the time to help you understand the costs and benefits surrounding each of your options with no pressure to purchase. It’s really our 10-year workmanship and service warranty that sets us apart, because in the end your peace of mind is our benchmark for success.

Our 10-year workmanship warranty means that should you have siding issues related to the installation (not manufacturer defect) within the first decade of ownership, we have you covered. Why do we offer such a generous warranty as compared to other siding contractors in the area? Because we employ well trained, highly skilled installation professionals who are committed to doing things right the first time, making the need for follow-up service the exception – not the rule.

“Very good and reliable communication from start to finish. Your work procedure and clean-up are outstanding. That’s the way to run a company.”— Dale McCormick

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Additionally, we have firsthand experience with virtually every product on the market and we know which products do what they say they’ll do, and which ones seem to regularly fall short. Therefore, we have worked hard to align ourselves with manufacturing partners who consistently provide top quality products, free of defects, and who provide timely, hassle-free resolution when the unexpected warranty-related issue arises.

The workmanship warranty, provided by Advanced Exteriors, is in addition to, but runs concurrently with your product’s manufacturer defect warranty. This non-transferrable warranty covers all service calls related to installation issues for the first 10 years after the product is installed. Additionally, if you purchased your siding from us, we will advocate on your behalf with the manufacturer if we find that there is a product defect and warranty work is required. While many contractors hide from their customers once installation is complete, we do just the opposite – we want to have open and honest lines of communication available to you, so that we can ensure you remain happy with your purchase long after the job is done.

One of the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, while also enhancing energy efficiency and reducing exterior maintenance, is to install new siding. Featuring a wide variety of material and manufacturer options as well as an extensive selection of profiles, finishes and colors in each category, we are confident that Advanced Exteriors can find the perfect siding for your home.

Contact us today to learn more about Advanced Exterior’s industry-leading workmanship warranty for all new siding installations or call us now to schedule a free estimate, 636-300-4500.