Ultra Premium Vinyl

Ultra-premium vinyl windows are sturdier, longer lasting, easier to operate and can provide the average homeowner considerable energy savings.

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As exterior renovations specialists, Advanced Exteriors is consistently focused on helping homeowners increase the value of their home, increase the aesthetics of their home and increase the overall energy efficiency of their home. When you choose an ultra-premium vinyl replacement window from Advanced Exteriors, you can rest assured you’ll achieve these goals and more.
Ultra-premium vinyl windows are not only beautiful, but their heavy-gauge, fusion-welded virgin vinyl frames make them remarkably durable and helps ensure that they provide superior resistance to harsh weather and moisture penetration. Additionally new vinyl window technology includes innovative balance systems that help make certain that your window will open as easily on the ten thousandth attempt as it did on the day it was installed.

“Contractor, take a tip from Advanced Exteriors and return my phone calls! It drives me crazy when I can never get in touch with anybody, but with Advanced I got a call back right away. Plus the work they did was very good.”— Jamie Scottsdale

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At Advanced Exteriors we proudly recommend Vista premium vinyl windows for all your replacement window needs. Vista offers a superior quality product in a variety of replacement window styles:

  • Single Hung – Single hung windows are a very traditional, classic window. The bottom sash slides upwards for great ventilation.
  • Double Hung – Double hung windows are very popular. They are in most residential homes. These extremely versatile vinyl windows fit nearly any home architectural design, from Tudor to Colonial, from classic to contemporary.
  • Slider – A slider window is a horizontal window with sashes that independently slide back and forth. Sometimes called a “gliding window,” both sashes move for easy cleaning.
  • Casement – Casement windows are attached (or hinged) to one side of the frame and open by swinging out from your house. Vista’s casement windows open with a crank and feature a foldaway nesting handle that does not stick out and provides a nice, tidy look.
  • Picture – Picture windows, sometimes referred to as fixed windows as they have no moveable parts, fill large spaces in a wall. They provide an expansive view, let light pour into a space and increase the curb appeal of your home.
  • Bay and Bow – Bow windows and Bay windows are very similar to each other in that they project out from your home to create additional space and dimension within your room.
  • Garden – Garden windows are designed to let in maximum light to create a healthy growing environment for plants, while still maintaining energy efficiency.
  • Awning – Awnings add character and visual interest as they can complement standard operating windows with grille patterns; they open from the bottom out for lateral ventilation.

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Simply put, modern ultra-premium vinyl windows are sturdier, longer lasting, easier to operate and can provide the average homeowner considerable energy savings. The long lasting durability of ultra-premium vinyl windows means your home will keep its curb appeal and value for years to come, with very little exterior maintenance required. Our professional and knowledgeable staff can help you decide which of our many replacement windows will best suit your home’s needs.

Contact us today to learn more about new ultra-premium vinyl windows from Advanced Exteriors or call us now to schedule a free estimate, 636-364-4287.